About Us

The Tidal Pool was established in 1987 by Albert “Bill” W. Damon, III and he ran a successful retail business in Hopkins for many years. Raised in a family hardware store environment and holding a BFA in Photography, Sculpture and Graphic Design as well as his knowledge in biology and ichthyology helped in building the reputation of the Tidal Pool as a very creative and reliable fish store and maintenance business.

I came to the Tidal Pool in 1998 to run the newly and quickly expanding maintenance side of the business. With my knowledge in reef technology, salt water fish, coral propagation as well as a extensive background in cabinetmaking, electrical, welding, mechanics, plumbing and art, it was a perfect fit. We both have the same vision when it comes to plumbing and the way systems operate. I believe the system is as much a show piece as the tank itself.

With our combined knowledge and experience in building and designing systems we worked very well together. Over the next few years, as the maintenance part of the business took off, we decided to shut down the retail side of the business to grow the maintenance side. Over the next 13 years this proved to be very successful.

I purchased the Tidal Pool in October 2010 when Bill decided to retire. I will continue to follow the traditions of the Tidal Pool and provide the most creative and professionally installed and maintained aquariums in town.

Erik – Owner