Freshwater Fish Tanks

A freshwater aquarium can be as equally beautiful as a saltwater fish or reef aquarium.

You can create a very pleasing and colorful fish aquarium with the wide variety of freshwater fish and plants available in the hobby today. I can recreate many different environments that fish are found living in through out the world.

A freshwater tank might be the right fit for you if the cost of a saltwater fish or reef aquarium is not in your budget as these systems require more equipment and maintenance. Freshwater fish are also less expensive than saltwater fish and coral. Freshwater aquariums are also more forgiving than saltwater fish or reef aquariums and require less maintenance. The fish are less prone to disease and can be feed with an auto feeder and don’t require frozen foods. This is especially helpful if you tend to travel a lot or the system is located in a public place that would close on the weekend.

I plumb all my freshwater tanks to convert over to a saltwater fish or reef aquarium, at a minimal cost. Saltwater fish or reef aquariums require more equipment like protein skimmers, calcium reactors, VHO lighting etc. Most freshwater aquariums require 1 to 2 visits per month depending on the placement of the aquarium.

Freshwater aquariums are great for locations like nursing homes, dentist/doctor’s offices or early childhood development centers wear budgets are often a concern. Studies have also shown that viewing aquariums in these locations can reduce stress and are also beneficial for the elderly and people suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Aquariums are not only aesthetically pleasing; they are also beneficial to your health, very rewarding and fun to watch for all.