Reef Tanks

Reef tanks consists of live rock, live sand and live coral and require additional equipment to maintain which adds to the cost of the system.

Other things to take into account would be the expense of the coral and essential trace elements used to help maintain coral growth. Also, bulb replacement must be done each year as the color spectrum of the bulbs changes and the intensity decreases over 8 to 12 months.

Because live rock and live sand help to create a natural system that is close to what you find in nature, a reef system is more stable. Also, fish do much better in a reef tank because, in addition to the food you provide, there is a constant supply of food produced by the system which makes the fish less prone to disease and malnutrition.

When reef tanks are done right, they’re very rewarding and fun to watch. Besides the corals some of the other animals used include starfish, snails, crabs, sea urchin, shrimps, etc. Everything in the reef tank has a purpose and/or a symbiotic relationship.

Even at night there’s always something going on and I try to help facilitate this by using moon light which also plays a role in helping corals to spawn at the proper time of the month and year. The moon light allows you to see what’s going on and creates a cool night-light effect.

Wave makers are used to help recreate the conditions found in nature and help the corals expel excess mucus and settling debris.

Some systems will require a chiller to help maintain the temperature but this has a lot to do with the location of the equipment, the size of the system and amount of lighting required. They all produce heat and can affect the temperature.

All reef tanks are serviced once a week to maintain a balanced and stable system.

I specialize in reef tanks and have many years of experience in coral propagation and have a great deal of knowledge in the systems used to maintain corals and inverts.

I custom build all my equipment as well as the lighting systems used in my reef tanks. I also put a great deal of thought into my rockwork to create pillars, caves, overhangs, etc. in an attempt to recreate a reef you would see in nature.

Reef tanks are my passion and I take pride in my systems and my ability to recreate and maintain a healthy and thriving live coral reef in your home or office.