Saltwater Fish Tanks

I service all my saltwater fish tanks 2 to 4 visits per month depending on your tanks needs. I use Grotto rock along with false coral to create a very natural looking marine environment. This allows me to remove the coral for cleaning so your system is always looking its best.

I will also use live rock in place of Grotto rock but this can add to the cost of the system as live rock is more expensive. However, it helps in providing a more stable environment for difficult to keep fish like angels and butterfly fish. These fish have a better chance of adjusting to captivity when supplied the natural foods produced by the live rock.

Some fish like triggers, large puffers, groupers and eels grow very large and have very large appetites. They can also be aggressive and should only be housed in large aquariums.

I like to use a specific group of fish to recreate a realistic underwater environment with a very peaceful and calming effect.