The Artist

Erik Anderson has had the pleasure of building and installing aquarium systems for over 20 years.

Erik approaches every new project as an opportunity to create a unique piece of art with the aquarium as his canvas. He puts a great deal of time and thought into planning the systems as well as the placement of the aquarium in your home or office.

With a background in carpentry, woodworking and metal, he has many techniques and mediums in his arsenal and explores ways to apply them to the aquariums he designs.

Much of his personal art has a strong organic aquatic influence and he is currently working on a series of jellyfish sculptures carved from exotic woods.

Whether he’s working in acrylic, wood, metal, stained glass, or leather, his goal is to create something that inspires you to feel something about the piece.

Over the years, he has been able to express his artistic vision in some very unique aquariums systems.

To quote Mr. Anderson, “Aquariums provide the perfect way to take a slice of nature and recreate it in your home.  This is what I do and I love what I do.”